One of the most rapidly increasing problems which are faced worldwide in today’s day and age is the increase in number of Single Moms.

Unfortunate tragedies, divorces and by many other means have left mothers to work out their own to feed their children. This is not just the matter of bread and butter instead some extra financial aid is always required to get their children educated at schools and colleges and make their better living in the society. So far it has been acknowledged that Single Moms who, look after their children and also work for gain, it is so difficult for them to make things financially suitable in their favour in many aspects. There has always been the necessity of financial aid to single moms.

Financial aid is available to single moms with children who are struggling with financial assistance. There are several aid resources which help single moms. The prime means of getting aid is to apply for Federal Welfare Relief. However in some parts of the countries this relief is not available.
Grants have been given to single moms who are in desperate need. In order for single moms to get such grants one should go through screening process so that providers of funds can find out who is eligible for grants. In normal cases Grants are provided to moms who wish for higher education and also depending on their requirements such as government grants for housing, government grants for college to single moms, daycare grants and grants for paying their rent etc.

Sunshine Lady Foundation: This is a nonprofit helping organization founded by Ms. Doris Buffet in 1996 dedicated to mothers who feel that they cannot withstand in the society. This very organization offers scholarships and also provides education funds. Visit for further information.

Our Families, Our Future: The purpose of this organization is to provide assistance to single moms who want to stand on their feet without depending upon government sources. Apart from assisting this organization also train women how to do jobs in order for them to take care of their children. Visit, for further information.

Institutional Grants: Many colleges and universities provide institutional grants to single moms. They also provide free computers and online education depending upon the annual income of the person requiring such grant. But there are some restrictions in getting such grants.
To be eligible for such grants and scholarships there are some restrictions. U.S Government also provides such type of grants to single moms of its country but it requires performing of some duties which are normally mentioned in the grant terms such as, art, agriculture and education. Visit and for more details.

In order for single moms to apply for the best financial aid available to them ‘online’ help is the best way where one could find various organizations, government departments, NGOs, financial institutions etc. so that they could come out of financial crisis.

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Statewide Financial Help and Aid and Assistance for Single Mothers

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  1. Amanda James Says:

    please help me I am 20yrs old four months pregnant and without a place a residency. I am staying in a shelter for now but my time is almost up. I have a month and a half left of school @ Kaplan college. I need help finding a place to call HOME for me and my unborn child. PLs some 1 help me or give me any resources available out there.

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  3. debt solutions Says:

    While we are discussing the benefits of AGENCIES WHO HELP SINGLE MOMS WITH DEBT | Financial help for single moms, The best way to choose a debt settlement company is to have as much information as you can in the onset. Read, ask questions and don’t hesitate to keep looking if you aren’t happy with what the debt settlement company is offering.

  4. Nairish Says:

    You need to fill out the FAFSA or FAFSA4Caster to see how much money you may be able to get in the form of grant money for school. You can apply for grants after January 1st but get you information ready now as some of the programs give out their money quickly.Good Luck!

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