Financial help for pregnant women

Help for pregnant women – Steps to Follow

A woman has to go with very stressful time physically, emotionally, and financially during pregnancy period. The extra financial help for pregnant women is always welcome. You need extra financial burden related to their care, prenatal care, preparing for a new baby, and then the care of the baby. There are many financial help and other programs available for pregnant women who need help. There are many financial and medical help are being provided by State and local health departments, community free clinics, state child welfare offices and other organizations.

Financial Help for pregnant women – Health Department

Local health department is the first place where you can seek financial help. Medical-aid is one financial help that you can use after your baby birth. This can help cover for expenses such as visits to the doctor and any medication which your child may need. There are also other aid programs that can provide financial help for pregnant women. In most of the cases these healthcare agencies provide indirect support to the mother’s nutrition by giving out healthy food such as milk, bread, peanuts, etc. One example is the Women, Infants and Children Program.

Financial Help for pregnant women – Federal Funds

The U.S. government and your state government offer many of the free or low-cost programs where you will find yourself eligible to get those grants. You must focus that Federal grant funds for pregnant women are given indirectly to the individual. The funds are allocated at the federal level and provided to state and local government as community development block grants. This channel of federal grant funding for pregnant women is available in every state. Finally as a whole that funds are “granted” to these organizations to implement and sustain services for pregnant women.

If you are a working women then it pregnancy period is more tough time to carry out life since you have to manage work home as well as your baby. Even you can’t ignore your health too. What you can do in a troubled time like this is to take advantage of all the free financial help for pregnant women programs available. There is a lot of free money available for hard-working individuals just like you who are willing to do something to better their families and themselves. Many of these scholarships have quite high amount.

Sometimes you get financial help for pregnant women where you need to payback that financial support. Just don’t imagine but it’s time to get realize of being able to get the free education you need so you can finally get your self back into the world of employment with advanced educational background. You can have all your bills paid with the free scholarship money and be able to go to school so you can put your family in a better financial position.

There are also many financial help for pregnant women. Many of these financial help can come from private agencies or from the federal government. You may also get additional foods for you, especially those foods that may not be assigned by the financial help organizations extending their support to you. Finally you just need to go for these available financial help for pregnant women.

Financial Help for pregnant women – Federal Agencies

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is financial assistance program with federal funding and administration by the state for low income families with kids and for women who are pregnant during their final 3 months of pregnancy. TANF provides temporary financial assistance while also helping recipients find jobs that will allow them to support themselves.

Public Housing Assistance Program
The HUD Public Housing assistance program was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families.

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Statewide Financial Help and Aid and Assistance for Single Mothers

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18 Responses to “Financial help for pregnant women”

  1. Shaquetta D. Carter Says:

    I’m a single mom with two kids and I’m six months pregnant and I need help. I need a place I can call home for me and my kids.


    I have never done something like this before. But im a singal mom of a five year little girl and i just found out im perganet. To make matter worse i lost my job and ive been looking for work with no luck. i dont revice any child support for my five year old daughter.and Ive been liveing off of unemployment witch is going to run out every soon. I have no family here that helps me. i have my own place and i am willing to work i just need a job. im not looking for any hand outs but if theres any programs that i am not already aware of please please let me know. I live in Yuma Azrizona ive been to wacog and the Derpartment of Econmic sercerty ive even explored oppuruties for safe house for abused women.ive applyed for school and ive been walking to look for work every day with my daughter or while shes at school beacause i dont have a car. Ive been self effishent for almost six years now and this is the first time ive been in a situation where i just see my way out. i dont know what to do. Please help me.

  3. kelly Says:

    hi im a single mother of 3 and 1 on the i way… im in need of help… im doing it all by myself so if you can help please email …

    thank you

  4. Gita V. Says:

    I am 8 months pregnant, single. I need help, I need a place were to live or get financial help, which I am wiling pay back after I have baby.

  5. shonna richards Says:

    i am a single mother of three and 86

  6. Alysia Puopolo Says:

    I’m a 24 year old student. I work as a bartender at a cigar bar where it is legal to smoke cigars and cigarettes. I need help to pay for school and living without having to stay at a smoke filled place, where it will become harmful towards my child. I am going on 3 months pregnant, and I would greatly appreciate and very much need some help.

  7. Jasmine burton Says:

    Hi I have the same situation im a single mom two children one is four years old the other is two and im five months pregnant looking for a stable home.

  8. Nateisha Glasper Says:

    Hi I am 20 years old and I am 6weeks pregnant. I live with my aunt which is only temporary because she does not like the fact that I am pregnant so she said I cannot stay with her for very long. I work as a PCA on weekends and am currently seeking another job so ill be able to move into my own place. Is there any housing programs that I will be able to apply for? I can be reached at 7575476934

  9. Natalie Says:

    I am a mother of 2 I am 7 months pregnant.I need a job and a place I can call home.

  10. Gricelda velasques Says:

    I’m a single mom of one child and now I’m pregnant and need a plece to live have just small room please if I can get a place to live I will be happy

  11. Shelby Treichel Says:

    I am a singal mother to be and I need help. I am 12 weeks pregnant and living with my sister which is very temporary because she no longer wants me to live with her. I work part time in catering and am going to school at the Santa Rosa JC. I make very little money and need help afording a safe plase to live so I can take care of my baby. I also want to stay in school but can no longer afored classes. Need Help Fast! 707-292-2730

  12. Joshlyn Childers Says:

    I am a single mother and i need help. I have a part time job and don’t get a lot of hours. I deal with lots of crowds so i wont be able to work throughout my whole pregnancy. I live at my mothers but there is not room for me and my new born i don’t have a room anyway i sleep on the couch. I plan on going back to school but i need somewhere i can call home to raise my child. thank you

  13. melissa sesma Says:

    my name is melissa i am 6 months pregnant i need help to pay my rent i have no family i have a little boy and cant get a job i have been applying and no one seems to want to hire me….. i need help to pay myu rent please call me at …2691445..

  14. azucena Says:

    Hello am crying for help i dont have a place to call home and take my 2yr old son. I can`t work dont have any income at this moment and am expecting a baby by december. I need help am a single mother….

  15. Ashley Says:

    I am five months pregnant can’t get a job been searching my heart out to the point I won’t to give up on life. I am a full time student at a community college I’m living to family to family I need my own place is there anybody out there that can help me. I’m real desperate!!!!!

  16. cherri Says:

    Hi my name is cherri I am in desperate need of help I am a single parent of 5 kids and one on the way in June. Of 2011 I lost my housing because I was very ill I lost my job and was unable to pay my rent or bills in result of that moved in with my sister every. Thing was OK for about a month until she moved a Guy in that see only knew two days when I spoke to her about my concerns she wanted me and my kids to leave I refused. Because I had no wherelse to go in result of that I was assaulted by my sister the police was called I was asked did I want to press charges I decline to make a long story short nothing has changed and I really can’t take to much more of this I need help like ASAP I have no where to go and no one to turn to please help us

  17. heather shirley Says:

    hello! my names heather im 20 years old im a single mom I never graduated from highschool, im receiving tanf and will never be getting any child-support for 18 years I wanted to go to colledge and enroll to work in the medical feild and train and get my ged at the same time but i cant find knowone to babysit and take me there, I live with my parents and im trying despritely to find away to move out and take care of my baby on my own soo she doesnt have to grow up around ppl like my parents and they also keep threatening to kick me and my baby out i want to be independent someday and provide but my baby to young and demanding and i get lil to no sleep and i want to commit myself and that I can live in a place with her by myself asap…soo if theres any program that can help I say with tears in my eyes please help me into my own place real soon.

  18. Nicole Says:

    I’m a single mother of three and just found out that I’m expecting again sometime in July of next year. My grandparents dont know that I’m pregnant, but once they find out, Im sure that they will stop helpin me with my bills, so that’s why I’m asking for help now, because I have no one else to turn to.

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