Government Housing assistance for single mothers and elders

Top 7 Programs For Low Income Housing Assistance Plans

So you‘re a single mom or elder in today’s frantic, fast paced world and looking for government low income housing assistance. Often you find yourself wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day, so much to do and so little time to do it. Having a stable and concrete roof to live under in such times can truly be a blessing. Whether you already have one to support you, or you are looking to have such a thing to rely on, keep on reading to maintain the dreams that constitute as ‘your home’. Various Housing Grants and Housing Programs are available.

Some of the Housing Assistance Programs for available low income families are –

1) Ask if you are applicable for the ‘Hope for Homeowners(H4H)’ program passed by the Congress in 2008 or HARP program. H4H or HARP provides you with a new 30 year fixed mortgage if you and your lender agree to certain stipulations. This program should provide government housing assistance for low income families.

2) The Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program usually combine the grant money offered for housing with provision of clinical services.

Tip – One of the easiest ways as a single mother or a low income family to get the ball rolling is to pick up your phone and dial 211. 211 is a service that will connect you with emergency help finding affordable housing and providing basic human needs. In addition, 211 can also help with finding addiction prevention programs for your teenage children, find help for your aging parents, and can even help identify specific support groups that can assist with ongoing support. From mentoring and educational services to rent assistance to Meals on Wheels, 211 can hook you up with your communities resources. For further questions regarding housing assistance for single mothers and about what your state can specifically provide through 211, please feel free to access your state’s 211 website through

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3) If you are a single mother and need low income housing assistance, then you need to know about the HOME program. Each state is given a block grant from Housing and Urban Development, and then through a competitive application process of funds distribution determined by each state, it provides successful applicants with low-interest loans and grants to help finance their projects. Projects funded by HOME have strict requirements for rent controls, income eligibility of tenants and homeowners, housing development costs and long-term affordable requirements. So if you are a low income working single mother, ask your prospective landlords if they participate in the HOME program. The next available housing assistance for single mothers is –

4) Another great program that provides housing assistance for single mothers is the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Also known as Section 8 housing program, these government housing grants essentially mean that the government holds the responsibility to pay a specified amount to the landlord who offers a house for single moms and their children in which they may reside. This housing assistance for single mothers program differs from state-to-state and it is also important for you to visit each residence before accepting program assistance to insure that the offered residence will fit you and your families needs. Simply visit your state’s website and search for the Housing Choice Voucher Program to get started.

5) Housing Vouchers and Supportive Housing Program – Every area has 211, which means it is up to you to be able to access your community resources. The Federal Government allows families with annual household income less than 50% of the median income for the county or the metropolitan area where they are residing to receive housing vouchers that are administered locally by public housing agencies, known as PHAs. PHA housing grants, known as vouchers, are distributed by a network of 2,400 local, state, and regional housing agencies, and these vouchers allow single mothers to choose a residence, including the one in which they are currently residing in, and simply pay the difference between the actual rent charged and the amount of subsidy paid by the PHA. Some single mothers may also qualify to purchase the rental home provided the rental unit measures up to PHA standards. The PHA also has the Supportive Housing Program, which is designed to develop supportive housing and services that will allow homeless persons to live as independently as possible. To find your local Public Housing Agency that provides housing assistance for single mothers, you can visit the government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] website or visit The application for PHA vouchers must be written. Either you or your local field representative will are able to fill it out, but the field representative usually needs to collect the following information in order to determine your eligibility for the program: the names of everyone who would be living in the chosen home, their gender, their birthdays, and their relationship to you; your present address and telephone number; your family characteristics, such as being a veteran or your minority status, as well as your family circumstances, such as your current housing situation, that might qualify your family for tenant selection preferences; the names and addresses of your current and previous landlords for information about your family’s residential history; an estimate of your family’s projected income for the next twelve months and where that income will come from; the names and addresses of your employers, banks, and any other information required to verify your income status and any qualifying deductions, as well as to verify your family composition; and you may also be required to allow the field representative to visit you in your home in order to interview you and your family members to see how you manage the upkeep of you current home. Once qualified, if you are offered a house or apartment and decide to accept it, you will be required to sign a lease with the PHA. Depending on your income levels, this may also require a security deposit. For some families, this means it is more beneficial to stay in their current home if they qualify to do so rather than seek a new residence simply because of the amount of income held in reserve. The next program available as housing assistance for single mothers is:

6) If you are a single mother with a disability, then the Shelter Plus Care Program [SPCP] might be for you. SPCP housing grants are for disabled women and are meant to provide both housing and other supportive services on a long-term basis for homeless or about to be homeless single mothers with disabilities and their families. Sponsored by HUD, these services are designed for families contending with serious mental illnesses, chronic substance abuse problems, or AIDS and other related diseases, to ensure that families dealing with those disabilities do not reside in places unfit for their health and safety. Disabled single mothers who are able to pay up to 30 percent of their monthly adjusted income for rent are eligible for housing assistance under SPCP.

7) Finally, many states and communities offer their own state and privately funded programs and grant opportunities for single mothers. Check out the Rural Development Housing and Community Facilities by USDA. From supplemental rental assistance that fills in the gaps between Federally funded vouchers to grant programs that offer blocks of money to assist in maintaining a safe and healthy residence, many of these programs bridge the gap and further assist the bottom lines of many single mothers. To access these housing assistance for single mothers programs, it usually just takes one phone call to your local Department of Health and Human Services to start the ball rolling.

Government Housing – Making Home Affordable video

Public housing assistance and Low income housing assistance is provided by the government and this video highlights the Government Program

I Need Help in making Housing Payment – What do I do?

If you have fallen behind on your payments, you may want to discuss the following foreclosure prevention options with your loan servicer: a) Reinstatement – You pay the loan servicer the entire past-due amount, plus any late fees or penalties, by a date you both agree to. This is for those people whose payment problems are temporary. b) Repayment plan – Your servicer gives you a fixed amount of time to repay the amount you are behind by adding a portion of what is past due to your regular payment. This may be appropriate if you’ve missed a small number of payments

HUD Housing Assistance for single mothers

Here is a step by step guide for HUD housing assistance for single mothers and others – Step One – Get in touch with the nearby HUD center outlined within the authorities area with the telephone guide. You’ll be directed to a nearby housing authority workplace. # Two: Contact for an appointment. Inquire whether or not you’ll require to deliver in any info or documentation like spend stubs or other statements. # Three: Go in and fill out an help software. You will be needed to voice concerns about who will probably be residing with you, your earnings and any unique requirements. # Four: Determine just how much rent will be payed by the housing subsidy program # Five: Figure out whether or not your family members count and earnings make you qualified for rental subsidy or other housing help. # Six: Fill out an software for Section 8, a lease subsidy, if you’re qualified. The housing authority HUD will provide the software in the event you meet the specifications. # Seven: Inquire the HUD to offer a checklist of inexpensive housing lands available inside your region. The majority of these government-subsidized housing models drop as Section 8. # Eight: Discover out which form fits the “rental certificate program” and which fits as the “rental voucher system.” They are each Section 8 housing program applications. # Nine: Get in touch with the landlords or managers of those interested properties to organize a walk-through

Housing Assistance For Single Mothers – Considerations

If you are looking to buy a house, various factors should be under your consideration. Only after you are well versed in the local market trends should ever consider making a Real Estate purchase of any sort in that locality. Some places have a more upward trend in terms of their value, and the US Statistical Data indicates there are many places whose value has risen beyond expectations in the short duration of a few years. On the other hands, there are many neighborhoods that have hardly been able to maintain their Estate Value over the last decade with many areas actually dropping down in terms of Market Value. So an accurate knowledge of the local market trends can be instrumental in the pursuit of your dream home. You may even choose not to actually make a purchase but actually decide upon renting out a place. This is a very intelligent decision, especially for that person who does not have the luxury of being certain the duration of her stay in a certain place. An unplanned or hurried sale of your Estate could result in you having to sustain losses of up to 15-20% on the original value. The following programs are available for housing assistance for single mothers. Top Related Links:

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Learn also more about – Financial Assistance Grants for single mothers Financial Help Return to the top The HUD Housing Assistance program is available for all. It is important to take advantage of government housing assistance for single mothers that is available

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Statewide Financial Help and Aid and Assistance for Single Mothers

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    I live in a house with my 2 kids and boyfriend lived here for a few years now his 2 daughters are here also both drug addicts crack and heroin.. They steal all the time even my kids Christmas presents they have stolen…. I have no job right now and I’m looking I would like to find another place to stay… He puts the blinders on and lets it all happen.. What can I do?

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    I’m 21 years old i have 2 kids and preganant again. I really need help, i don’t have any one 2 help me out, the father doesnt help and we been livin ant where. there ages are 2 and 10 months and im due in sep. 9 2010. i really need a place 2 stay and its hard because i need pampers and cloths. please call 662 616 9934 if u can help us out. we livwd in greenville, ms

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    I am 24 and a single mom. I have two children Lily who is 5 and Khloe who will be 9 months. I am trying hard to better my life not only for me but for my girl’s. As of right now we live with my mom and step-father. I start school in the fall and plan to work as well. I am working on getting a car but no luck so far. I need your help and I would be very thankful for every second of your time. So thank you again we will be praying!

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    im a single mom of a wonderful 1 yr old boy i get my disability i just gt out of an abusive marriage and i dnt get but 600 dollars a mth we r living in diffrent hotels and it take everything i make to keep a roof over our heads everynight most the time i dont have enuff money 4 diapers or wipes i sumtimes dnt eat so my baby can eat but we r surviving barley if u knw of any apts that i may can afford let me knw plz thanks and god bless u

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    I am a single mom with three kids,14,16, and 19. I’m getting less child support because my son has turned 19 and I can no longer afford my rent. Please help my family.

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    I am a 41 year old mother of 2 and wasin a horrible car accident 3 years back. I am unable to work and live in a slum lords house literly. the floors are falling in, the walls have holes in them and I just want a nice house to call our own. I get child support and the amoun I pay for rent I could easily pay a morgage payment, but becouse of allthe hospitol bills tha I hav havging on my credit, no one will give me a loan for a morgage. I will be getting disability soon also. Whaat do I do. I go to collage from home full time online
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    out of funds or this one is closed down. Anyone out there can help my son and I thanks

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    I am a single 26 year old mother that has a new born baby girl, and a 3 year old little girl. I do not get any help from there fathers, that makes it twice as hard. I have been living with my mom for the past 3 years, and dream one day to be able to provide better for my girls. I so badly need a vehicle and a house. If I am able to get help it would be a dream come true, Thanks.

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    I’m 19 years old I have a 9 months old daughter I’m trying to find my own apartment for me and her to live. I currently don’t have a job I’m looking for one and I’m also wanting to finish school so I can make a better life for me and my daughter.

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    My number is ….20-0788.I am a single mom looking for housing assistance. Looking for a place too live, I have 2 daughters to raise and need a place to live or rent. My name is Jennifer Gauthreaux.

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    currently pregnant. I have just escaped from a domestic
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    couldn’t help me if i was near. I am desperate for a car. The
    bus is just too much with all my health issues plus my
    pregnancy. I am on the verge of being homeless and just
    need help. I am smart and hard working. Somebody please
    let me know of any programs that can help. I Dont even know
    Whats gonna happen when i have my baby as far as who is
    gonna watch my daughter and son when i go into labor. I
    know no one. I am scared and need help. Please. ….6
    3772. Thank you for reading and god bless.

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    I am a single mother blessed with 5 children, I once was the main provider and owned my own home. I use to work 2 job and now I have nothing. I ask if anyone can help me get back on my feet and find a stable home in a nice community for my children and I. Please E-mail and provide me the information. Thank you

  21. Keonna Says:

    Hello, my name is Keonna, I’m 19 and I’m a single mother of 3. I live in an apartment with my grandmother and my kids. I recieve Government Assistants that helps me provide for my kids. I want to know… Is there a housing program of some sort that can help me get a house that woul be based on my income? Thank you contact me at (xxx)-804-4075

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    I’m a 21 year old single mother of tw. I’m a student at Virginia College looking for a place to live to raise my daughters. I have a low income & I live at home with my mother, but I want a place to raise my kids. I’m young mother trying to make ends meet and requiring a place to stay. I’m struggling to provide transportation for me & my kids. I just need alittle help.

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    im a single mom of 2 boys ages 10 and 4. the place we r living at isnt safe for us. i need to leave asap. im looking for work but need help with daycare too. please help us

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    Hi , my name is Sharon i am very much in need of assistance. I am disabled and have 1 daughter. My other children are adults. I have a condition called reflex symphathic dystrophy. There is no cure, and it is a very dibilatating desease.. because of this i am not able to work any more. My husband left us because he couldnt handle the situation. Leaving my daughter and i home less. I do recieve permanant disability. Please i really need help. I have tried just about every program for housing. Still waiting for a response. My phone number is 856 870 70. Please dont turn us away. We need help!!!! Thank you. Please contact me if you need further information.

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    i dont know who will read this but i was born n raised in the U.S. of A I am 66 retired and have to live with my son cause housing authority has done nothing for me I worked all my life paid my taxes now i need help with a place of my own with 1 B/R n it seems that i have to wait for yrs before they can find me a decent place not an efficiency an apt with 1 B/R n where i wont pay so much rent cause im on a fixed income i have been waitng for more than a yr n i cannot beleive they still cant find me a place.

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    I need help paying my mortgage.

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