State Mothers Assistance and Help For Single Moms in California CA

Help For Single Moms in California

It costs more to live in California than any other state in the US. Because of this, single mothers are often hit financially. California does provide a few resources for single moms when the financial going gets rough and they have a tough time raising their children. Therefore it is important to understand where to get Help For Single Moms in California.

Childcare: It is hard to work when you are unsure what it is like at the place you drop your children off to be cared for. Because of this, California offers help with child care for families that need it, through its welfare program, CalWORKS. It is not a long-term solution, but it will give help to any family who has stumbled financially, as a way to get the family back up and stabilized, by giving them quality childcare abilities while they get back up to speed. As your children attain school age, their are similar childcare programs in after school activities or even swapping babysitting.

Healthcare Assistance Help For Single Moms in California

Healthcare: Getting good health care coverage for children in California is a testament to patience and fortitude, even if single moms are overqualifed for Medicare due to incomes that are too high. For this reason, the state has introduced CaliforniaKids for their health care assistance offerings. This is a not-for-profit group that caters to children from 2 to 18. For some families, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP, or even Medicaid, can provide needed help.

Help For Single Moms in California

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Food Stamp Help For Single Moms in California

Food Supplies: For this, there is a state food stamp program for families with little money coming in. For pregnant or breastfeeding ladies, and kids below the age of five, help with nutritional needs can come through the WIC program. There is also a vast array of food banks available, giving affordable food and everyday supplies for the home to struggling families and single mothers. Information on this network can be found at

Transportation: California’s largest public transportation company, Caltrans, gives a cost-appropriate choice for those who need a ride to and from town. Their transportation hubs are available in all the major cities in this coastal state.

Housing Assistance Help For Single Moms in California

Rental Assistance: The Department of Housing and Community Development in California “houses” nearly twenty programs to bring aid to both community leaders and companies who want to create housing choices to families struggling financially so that they have a place to rest their heads at night. Optionally, HUD can give rental help and there is also a program that provides housing vouchers so that lower income households can pay their mortgage or their rent. Information for these programs are

Education Help For Single Moms in California

From time to time, the only way out of a struggle with money is to increase your education, to increase your skills and employability. Grants, therefore, are in place to help pay for additional schooling, so using FAFSA to try to obtain a student grant at the federal level becomes a necessity. You will also want to have a conversation with the school’s financial aid personnel to gain help in seeking grants and/or scholarships that may be available to single moms, or even single dads. Resources found at will be very useful to pinpoint grants and scholarships offered at a state-specific level and provide help for single moms in california.

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