Free grants for single moms and mothers-Government and Federal Grants

As a single mom, one has so many responsibilities and they face so many obstacles in life.  How to get Government free grants for single moms and mothers? Financial problem is one big burden that every single mom faces.

To support them in financial aspects, there are government and private organizations that provide grants. Many people are not aware of what a grant is all about. As like loan you need not want to repay the grants. To create awareness among people about the financial aids they are providing, government has started advertising through various kinds of media.

They are trying to provide aid to single mom in fields such as, financial support, housing, food stamps and many more. To acquire more knowledge about these funds, have a thorough search in online. You may have to fill online application forms stating your annual income and other personal details. Government is also ready to provide tuition loans, education loans, scholarships, housing mortgage, special discounts etc. depending on your need. Average annual income of a single mom matters more and if you have a good income, then there are chances to lessen your aids.

Let’s have a look on two popular private organizations that provide fund especially for single moms.

Sunshine Lady Foundation:

This is a non profitable service organization which was founded by Ms. Doris Buffet in the year 1996. Single moms who are struggling in the society are found out by them and they are providing aids to improve their standard of living. They are providing scholarships to women who wish to carry higher education. For more details, visit Our Families, Our Future: The best thing about this organization is they are providing training to single moms in various fields and also providing job opportunities. Without depending on government aids, single moms can with stand in the society.

Visit for more details. There are millions of dollars allocated by the government to promote the life of single moms’, right from education to starting a own business. But they are turning useless because people are not aware of these sources. Apart from these big level grants, there are also grants which are meant for daily needs such as payment of utility bills, purchase of the groceries, general living expenses, children education and health grants and transportation grants and more. Educational grant is available to single mothers directly from institutions where your daughter or son wants to join. Most of the colleges are providing special courses for single mothers with scholarships so that they can continue their education.

If a single mom wishes to start her own business, she can apply for grants to the government. To do this she has to state them the nature of business and how much the expense will be. Applying for a single mother grant is not a tougher task as there are many sites which could guide you and there are many social organizations that could help you in a better way. Be aware of these grants and make use of them to lead a comfortable and secured life. Take advantage of these free grants for single moms and mothers.

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Statewide Financial Help and Aid and Assistance for Single Mothers

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30 Responses to “Free grants for single moms and mothers-Government and Federal Grants”

  1. Shakeeva Brown Says:

    I’m trying to open a business having a difficult time landing on the right site so i can finally take flight.However this blog about free grants for single moms take a little stress off the top,anyone with info about applying & receiving benifits please feel free to put this single mom on top of her game.

  2. Neely Heybrock Says:

    Certainly that is a fascinating debate yet I think we all feel that way when it comes to students loans. How can some tutors run across sterling students loans guidebooks? So what’s my take on single mother welfare? Single mother welfare is an overlooked way to forget with reference to single mother loans.

  3. michelle joseph Says:

    I am a single mom and currently a student studying Nursing. I’m raising two children and looking for assistance to move into our own apartment. Currently I am looking for part time work and hope something come soon but I really need help. I am 37 and before I started school I been working since the age of 14 and I feel I deserve the help.

  4. april burnett Says:

    Iam a single mother of three and i am trying to go back to school to get my high school diploma/ged so that i can get my degree in nursing and move on to become a lpn/rpn. I’m seeking to get assistance to own my own home and get a part-time job so that i can go back to school at night. I’ve never owned my own home and the assistance im getting through the state is currently about to end in fifteen months. I feel like i would take this money and use it to better my kids future as well as mine.

  5. crystal reichart Says:

    I’m a single mom raising two children how is behind on bills.

  6. Nkau Says:

    I m 26 year old n got married when I was 17. When I was 20 I started living with my husband, in four years I v 3 ki ds, I so badly wanna end this marriage but due to my culture (I m from Pakistan but living in US for last 12 years) I wasn’t able to do it but now I’m planning to do it. I wanna be financially strong and want to start school so what should I do?

  7. angela Says:

    Hi i am 27.a rencently divorced mom of 4.the father of my kids gave up his parental right.i need to see what help i can get for my education.also i would like to purchase a house.i get no help from anyone.please email me.i dont no if i can going to be able to find this site again email is angie5906@yah.. thanks have a great day.

  8. lawanda thomas Says:

    I am a single parent and don’t know where to begain with making money without having a degree. Its really hard for me to provide for my daughter and I. I cant get any kind of assistace from the government because they say I make too much money. Im feed up with not having the money to do more things for my daughter. Please help Im in serious need of help.

  9. Kimberley Says:

    I am a single mother of 3!! I am currently lookin 4 wrk, but no luck!! Mi kids father is in incarcerated!! I hav no help!! We got evicted b/c I cld’nt make tha rent payments, so me && mi kids hav jus bn livin pillow 2 post!! I really wld appreciate if sum way possible u cld help me get on mi feet && give mi kids a stable home!! Thks!!!

  10. marie Says:

    Yeah i am 24 with three kids im tryin to find some help i have no job and the fathers dont want to help out and the bills are stacking up and trying to get into college so if your able to help me please email me thank you

  11. computer running slow Says:

    Excellent stuff on Free grants for single moms and mothers – Government and Federal Grants | Financial help for single moms. I even agree with most of it!

  12. Sheryl Says:

    I’m a single mom aged 31 from littleton, I need a single mother welfare. A loan got to paid back, something that i dont know whether I capable of or not. we are hard worker, lots of us in great debt yet living below than well lifestyle.

  13. nichole burgin Says:

    Hi I am a single mom of 2 with income of 425 a month. I am currently going to school, and was making it on unemployment. Now that it has ended I am struggling to make my bills every month and looking to have to quit school do to lack of money and childcare. If anyone knows of how I could get a good free grant or grants or any input at all please email me at thank you and god bless

  14. mobile game for free Says:

    I cling on to listening to the rumor talk about receiving boundless online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one. Could you tell me please, where could i find some?

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  19. cindy Says:

    Im a single mom of 3 living with my parents i have trouble paying my bills . trying to help my parents. can’t seem to get anywhere . i would like to get my own place. please help

  20. a single mom Says:

    I am so glad that the government is trying to help us as single mothers out with our future!

  21. yolanda pittman Says:

    it would be a blessing to have some help im a single mother of 3 i stay in a 2 bedroom basement im a homehealth aid but cant keep any clients cause i have no car its hard trying to survive with no help from no one i have no family no friends its very depressing i wish i was never born i cry everyday theres always something getting in the way to a better life. i dont know if i can take it anymore im tired of crying everyday asking god for a way i just wish my kids can live a normal life life sucks

  22. Maria Says:

    Hi I am a single mom with a 3 months old baby girl.I work as a flight attendant & I am planning to quit & take good care of her since I cant afford to pay a day care.
    I would like to take a course online to get a degree that I like. Can you help me find a website to look which is covered by a Federal Government Loan for Single mom.
    Thank you & i will be waiting for your answer.

  23. alexis lewis Says:

    I am a young single mom struggling to find a job. I have some college behind me but was unable to finish due to finacial reasons. My biggest immediate problem is me and my 10 mos old baby are bouncing around from house to house. Due to not having a job and being on public assistance. I am just in desperate need of stability for me and my child his father does nothing to help me at all. If anyone can just help me a little just to get started because i am driven and do have the willpower to do for myself im just currently in a very bad spot with no means to get out of.. Thank You, Sincerely Desperate

  24. rhonda Says:

    I have question , I am a single mother in IBS business school . I was able to get a grant to pay for some through the school , they told me that I could find another that could pay the remaining balance I will have to owe after I get out, and when I do just to let the school know???Do you know of any that will? rhonda

  25. jennifer powell Says:

    Hi I am a single mother of two beautiful babies. I am currently working at a subway restaurant. I , very much like many, have not lived the greatest life but I am wanting to better myself for my children. I don’t want them to grow up in the same mess I did. I am trying to figure out how I can get a grant of some kind that will help me get into school and some help financially until I am bank on my feet if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. -Jennifer

  26. Saundra Klima Says:

    You’ve some genuinely helpful information composed here. Good job and keep posting terrific stuff.

  27. Rachel Dinkins Says:

    Hi My name is Rachel Dinkins, 25, and a single mother of a newborn. The father of my child walked out on us and stated his last words he is happy that i will be struggling on my own. Im needing help with getting the fuds to pay for school and laptop so i don’t have to travel back in forth at night to a local computer facility with my newbor in towe. My eyeglasses have one hook and are scratched up i have bad vision and need government funding for school, laptop for school and eyeglasses. Can someone guide me on the right path please. I’m trying my best making it with no support at all. Thank You and I wish you all the best of luck.

  28. CNC Says:

    I need help getting back on my feet me and my husband are trying with everything we have but we get no where I am in college and he brings home only 425 every two weeks. I don’t know what to do anymore! I need help! I have two little girls and I dont want them to be homeless.

  29. Shalla Finn Says:

    I am a single mother of a 4yr old son. I am looking to see to get help with a new car. My current 98 malibu that I purchased for 600 off of craiglist has done me good for a whole year but is slowly dying on me. I work for a MMrd workshop where we use our car a lot to transport clients plus. Busy with church and youth group that I also pick up. I pray n hope that you will consider my appl. Thank u!

  30. Tyqueisha Lane Says:

    Hi, I’m a mother of twin boys who are 4 months, I really need help in trying to start a business so that I won’t have to struggle financially. I recently purchased a vehicle last week and now it’s not running so I have to get a new car and I just really need help

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