Single motherhood by choice with statistics

Single parent families are rising a little over 6% a year from a census: a reality that we must deal with organization and imagination. The single parent is increasingly present in our society. The decline of traditional family (husband, wife and children) is now giving way to other models. And despite the prejudice and hard times, one thing is certain: single-parent families may also be blooming and happy!

Separation, divorce, death or want to do a baby by herself: the women are increasingly likely to raise their children without a spouse and to face all obstacles to the single life. Not always easy to be alone to manage the everyday, make good decisions about raising children, be an example to give them benchmarks, give them all the love they need and afford. Maintaining Morale and willingness to move forward is a duty: not to depend on anyone! Single mothers are “courageous mothers” who are desperate to offer what is best for their toddlers. Even when the end of the month is difficult or loneliness too heavy, they make sure not to worry about their children. But these responsibilities doubled they leave a little room for meetings, recreation, and moments of doubt and short bursts of blues? Some respondents tell us that raising children alone is an obstacle course of others that it is a lifestyle choice or a hand. But who to believe? Conceptually, all, as each situation and each day is lived differently. In this issue: – The welfare of children is paramount – Tips and nudges for single mothers – Being a parent and looking for love – “Being a single mother is not necessarily an obstacle course”.

Today they are rather proud of being deliberate or being adventurous. Some make the choice to protect their child from the trauma of a possible divorce, say some researchers. Anyway, the status of single mother is becoming the norm in many places. In U.S., for example, children living with both parents are minority in some schools. The choice made by women to raise their children alone is courageous because it requires considerable dedication of them at work and at home. However, they have an advantage over other women in couples. The latter, according to some statistics, spend about seven hours a day to care for their families, against five hours for those who live alone.

Single mothers belong mostly to upper socio-professional categories. Two reasons: much work they have difficulty establishing a stable relationship and are obsessed with their body clock. This phenomenon is evident in Italy to a lesser extent in the rest of Europe. In the U.S., the activist organization called “Single Mothers by Choice” is contagious. Several community programs trying to reach single mothers to provide them the support they so desperately need.

Janis Rozentals - Single Mother by choice and Child

Janis Rozentals - Mother and Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Researchers evaluated the impact of these programs on maternal well-being and parenting practices.

So what to do about it?

• No time to fool around? Single mothers are overbooked constantly and often have no time to them. A problem when you consider that any new meeting request availability and a relatively serene mind. This is why some women choose to put love aside to devote herself to children and their daily tasks. Without them throwing stone, psychologists agree: If finding love is not to be necessarily a priority, cut him off and do without it completely is not a good solution.

• Love is never far: Since finding his half after a failed love affair, a painful breakup and despite the lack of time and energy, it is possible! Evidenced by the many blended families who have repaired what was broken, build a new station wagon and start a new life. This meeting, if this union is a new beginning that often proves beneficial for parents and children alike.

• Do not go too fast: “No man will want me and my children.” Think again! All men, already fathers or not, are not afraid of your mother status! The golden rule: do not hide from them your situation, tell right away that you live with one or more toddlers, without mention only one. Certainly they are your priority in life and your future possible partners will accept and get along with them, but take the time to know your potential before half of the mix with all that. As long as you are not sure the relationship is sustainable, let them out of it!

The single mother statistics speak for themselves:

1) One child in four lives with one parent only.

2) In over 80% of cases, children are raised by their mother.

3) One in three children no longer sees his father or very little, resulting in a big emotional gap. It was then the mother to give twice as much love and tenderness to her toddler. The environment is also very important. The family, close friends, sponsors /mentors will help the child to build and fill the void left by the absence of the father. A good education is paramount. However, single mothers may soon be exceeded. Work, fatigue, anxiety, guilt: not always easy to stand firm and not to yield to the whims of a child when the father is not there to exercise authority. But do not forget to give them everything and let the law at home will not help them in life.

Striking the right balance is essential: set limits without being too rigid, and make sure they are respected! Do not destroy the image of the couple. Beware of false ideas about the couple! A child growing up with only one parent is not clear how a couple and a “traditional” family works. Teach him that living together requires making concessions. Sweep their prejudices: yes they are worthy of love, they are not growing up to become a man not used to anything and a woman is not necessarily authoritarian and dominant, etc. Make sure the subject is not taboo, quite the contrary. Another essential step: Give your kids other models of couple (grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends).

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