Are you a single mother and is living in New Hampshire?  Do you find your financial condition insufficient to meet the needs of your family as a single mother and a single earner?  Well, you can move on and live a decent life with the help for single mothers in New Hampshire.  Through the different programs offered by the state, you can avail of the few resources and make use of the assistance these resources have extended to you to help you out in your present ordeal.  So, come and check them out!


Resources and programs help for single mothers in New Hampshire


Childcare –


The State’s Department of Health and Human Services is one of the programs designed as help for single mothers in New Hampshire.  It is because the state believes that single mothers need to go away from home to work for a living and have the difficulty of getting quality childcare due to lack of financial resources.  That is why assistance is being offered to income eligible families which include the single mothers, to help them afford the right care for their children.  Some other affordable childcare options include some home and church based daycare centers. Or childcare swapping with other families can also be considered.


Healthcare –


There are three possible options that are laid out by the State as help for single mothers in New Hampshire and all other needy families for healthcare.  These programs include the NH Health Access Network, the Medicaid Program and the Healthy Kids Program.  The NH Health Access Network helps the needy families find a sponsored program of the state to cover for their healthcare needs.  In like manner, the Medicaid Program offers health coverage to those single mothers whose income are considered low, while the Healthy Kids Program is giving out coverage to children and some young adults who have no health insurance.  This program may also extend coverage to some single mothers who are not qualified to avail of the Medicaid health coverage.


Food and Supplies –


The State knows how hard it is for single mothers to cope up the needs of their family especially when it comes to giving them the right food and basic supplies.  A help for single mothers in New Hampshire in the form of several programs and resources are being created for this purpose.  The Food Stamp Program or commonly known as SNAP is being created to offer qualified families a debit card which they can use in purchasing healthy food for their family.  And for families who have children below 5 years old, there is the WIC Program which helps them afford nutritious food for their children.  However, for families who may not qualify on these two programs, the New Hampshire Food Bank is open for them.  Here, they can get affordable and healthy foods for their family.  A visit to can be very helpful.



Transportation –


Single mothers and all those who need to leave their house for work or study and need a reliable transportation has several transportation options to avail of as offered by the State of New Hampshire to its constituents. These options are listed in  You can avail of the option which is less costly than driving and maintaining your own car.


Rent Assistance –


The State of New Hampshire is so much concerned with the condition in which single mothers and needy families live and reside that it has offered variety of rent assistance programs.  This can be considered a help for single mothers in New Hampshire and the rest of the needy families.  These programs are listed in and are specifically designed for single mothers and low to moderate income families.  This is being spearheaded by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority and the HUD which offers the following programs:  The Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program, The Emergency Housing Program, the Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program and the ACCESS Housing Choice Voucher Program.


College Grants –


Access to continued college education is now easy.  Nowadays, options like getting night courses or online schooling are available.  And this can help single mothers pursue their dream of getting a degree despite having children.  Yet, financial instability sometimes hinders this dream.  But a help for single mothers in New Hampshire through local grants and loans as outlined in are a great help.  This can afford single mothers a good education.  Also, school scholarships and more financial assistance are open locally in New Hampshire.




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  1. Katherine Disko Says:

    I am single mom going thru divorce. Disability claim on appeal. Applying 11/1 for S.S. benefits for 2 special needs children.
    Father recently fired from per diem sheriff job. Refuses to look for works so won’t have to pay child support. $2 in bank account for months. I have no $$ whatsoever [no auto]. Applying to State for addt’l benefits.
    Found out have to be out of house December. Foreclosure. Any help would be so appreciated.

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