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Texas is known for its lavish lifestyle and infrastructure, but not everyone out there is enjoying a cozy lifestyle. There are many households in Texas where single moms are unable to meet their basic needs.
More than often, single mothers are unable to continue their jobs as they do not have anyone taking care of their kids, while they are at work. Fortunately, Texas supports such mothers with childcare subsidies via Workforce Development Boards. http://www.twc.state.tx.us/svcs/childcare/

As such, it’s a known fact that there are plenty of single mothers out there who were unable to finish their college studies due to overwhelming responsibilities entrusted on them, once they got separated from their partner. Today, there are plenty of free grants formulated to help single moms get back to college and enrich their lives. Texas is one of the states, which is loaded with scholarship programs designed to help single mothers by empowering them with better infrastructure and financial assistance. The state government is taking every measure to ensure welfare of the mom culture by helping them report to work.
One of the most talked about scholarship program is Robert C. Byrd Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to those who find a place in the top 10% in high school studies. Robert C. Byrd Scholarship enables one to receive up to $1500 for educational needs.
Besides this, career colleges and schools of Texas scholarship offer $1000 to needy individuals. Likewise, Mary E. Bivins foundation scholarship awards one with $2000 to get back to college.

Texas also offers tax benefits to single mothers to ease their financial condition. This benefit can be availed while filing tax returns. It would be advisable to use at least one of the many online tax calculators available. Employed single mothers can file for income tax as “head of the household” to ensure that they have to shave off less amount towards tax.

Single mothers in Texas can also qualify for earned income credit. To quality for such tax benefit, one’s income needs to cross a certain amount. This will enable one to receive a huge check in refund at the end of the year.
One can also avail for rent benefits through state of Texas and HUD. Such programs are specially formulated for those who do not have proper shelter or are unable to pay their rent. Single mothers can also expect subsidized apartments through such cash assistance programs.
As you can see, there are truckloads of financial assistance programs in place designed to help single moms. Contrary to the popular belief, the government is striving hard to ensure betterment and prosperity of single mothers in Texas.
The above mentioned free grants have certainly been a life savior for tons of single women’s out there. You can join the bandwagon as well by applying for these programs. That being said, it’s important that one stays motivated and applies for several cash assistance programs to alleviate one’s chances of getting awarded with some financial backing. After all, every single mother out there deserves to lead a trouble-free life!


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